USGA Tournament Management (TM) is a new tournament solution product offered by the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association to all WPGA Member Clubs. It is being introduced this spring. The two versions of the product are USGA Tournament Management Club (TM-Club) and USGA Tournament Management Club Premium (TM-Club Premium).

The USGA Tournament Management product matrix shows the differences between the two products. Each Member Club will need to determine which version best suits the club’s needs. TM-Club will be provided at no charge.

Please review the following tutorials for more information and contact the WPGA with any additional questions.

USGA Tournament Management Information – General

Announcement Release
USGA Tournament Management – Club Fact Sheet
USGA Tournament Management – Fundamentals & Terminology
USGA Tournament Management – Quick Start Guide

USGA Tournament Management – Getting Started

Knowledge Base – General Support
“Start Here” videos – Introduction & Support for TM
Overview of Manager Site – Admin site for club/staff administrators
Club/Staff center – Accessing the club portal
Event Menu – League/Event primer
Golfers Menu – Adding golfers to the event
Calendar Menu – Selecting when rounds or leagues are played
Rounds Menu – Managing the number of rounds
Apps Menu – Managing the portal for each event
Handicap Analysis – How Handicaps are computed
Testing the Leaderboard/Random Scores – Preview of leaderboard setup
Pre-Play Audit of Round – Double-checking setup

USGA Tournament Management – Tournament Guides

Single Round Events
Individual Stroke Play – Creating an 18-hole stroke play event
Two-Person Team, Stroke Play – Creating an 18-hole stroke play event with 2-person teams
Multi-Format Team – Creating an 18-hole stroke play event with multiple formats
Four Person Scramble – Creating an 18-hole stroke play scramble event
Pro-Am – Creating an 18-hole stroke play event with a professional and amateur(s)
Quota Events – Creating an 18-hole stroke play event scored with points

Multiple Round Events
Multi-Round Single Format Events – Creating multiple round stroke play events
Multi-Round, Multi-Format Events – Creating multiple round stroke play events with multiple formats
Match Play Events – Creating brackets for Match Play
Ryder Cup Events – Creating “Ryder Cup” type events
Round Robin Events – Creating Round Robin events with flights for a Member/Guest

Golf Leagues
Basic Golf League Tutorial – Setting up league play
Individual Round Robin League Tutorial – Setting up league play for individuals
Team Round Robin League Tutorial – Setting up league play for teams

Additional Training Guides and Articles
Managing Courses – Keeping course information up-to-date
Managing Rosters – Managing the Master, League/Event and Round rosters
Adding Players to an Event or League – Player addition basics
Divisions, Flight and Teams – What, how and where to use
Updating a Handicap Index® via the GHIN Service – Keeping handicaps current
Posting Scores to the GHIN Service – Posting scores after scoring
Report Composer – Customizing reports
Customizing the Portal – Making the club portal unique and personal
How to Create a Default Tee for Players – Set players to the same tee for each event
Creating Custom Fields Manually – Custom fields for rosters
Creating Custom Fields via Spreadsheet – Importing custom fields
Tournament Handicap Options – Managing player handicaps
Competition Options – Managing tournament formats
Season Points – Creating and managing a season points system

Please contact the WPGA with any questions. Thank you for your continued support.

Many thanks to the Carolinas Golf Association for the general template and information.